Does Your College Student Really Need a Computer on Campus?

by on August 20, 2015

In our ever advancing world of technological gadgets, it is essential that your college or university student has the proper equipment needed to complete their education. Though many college level students get by without all of the technological gadgets today’s world has to offer, these gadgets can enable the student to do things with a little more ease, and a little less hassle.

The first and foremost thing that a college student needs to have is a computer, preferably a laptop, but a desktop computer will suffice. Virtually any job that your student will be qualified for after graduation will require them to be a proficient computer user. Not only will students need these skills after graduation, many courses require the use of computers, to complete required assignments and presentations. Many college level professors require that their assignments be typed and printed, while others even require the student to send in their homework digitally.

Your first assumption would be that most colleges and universities have a sufficient supply of computers that are available for your students use at any time. This is not the case. Many colleges and universities have a computer room in each dorm, that would not even be enough computers for ΒΌ of the students living in that particular dormitory. The next assumption you may have, is that there are plenty of computers for every one to use in the library. College campuses typically have a large number of computers available in the library, but still this typically only amounts to around 100 computers and there are far more students than that at most colleges and universities.

The second most important gadget that a college student should have is that of a cell phone. Believe it or not, there are often times occasions where you need to call an instructor, advisor, or even your parents, and for some reason, someone has decided that we no longer need pay phones, since the popularity of cell phones has exploded. It is often very hard to find a pay phone, or any phone that any student can use, on a college campus today.

Though there are many more gadgets that a college student would love to have, these first two gadgets pretty well have the student covered. Most students have and use MP3 players often, but they are not necessary for survival of the college life. Once you have bough the things that your college student needs, you can work on the things that they simply would like to have.